Repair and maintenance

Technical maintenance for cars and commercial vehicles..

  • Oil and filter change, air filter change, fuel filter change, cabin filter change.
  • Brake fluid change, coolant change. We use high quality Shell oils and technical liquids.
  • We will prepare your vehicle for technical inspection.

During technical inspection we can check:

  • Headlight height;
  • Front and rear brake operation;
  • Hand brake operation;
  • Running part condition;
  • Wheel alignment condition;
  • Coolant density;
  • Battery condition;
  • Check other parts condition according to TI list .

Guarantee on all works.

We perform diesel engine exhaust emission opacity inspection.

We offer diesel engine repair if necessary.

Service fee: from 20.00 EUR

We perform headlight adjustment for all cars and commercial transport.

Change of bulbs. Preparation for technical inspection.

Guarantee on all works.

Service fee: from 10.00 EUR

We perform A/C system refill and flushing or repair for all cars if necessary.

We use the most advanced equipment for diagnostics and refill.

Service fees:

A/C system diagnostics – 25.00 EUR

A/C system refill – 45.00 EUR

A/C system antibacterial treatment – 25.00 EUR

We perform running gear diagnostics and repair if necessary. We use only high quality spare parts.

Service fee:

Running gear diagnostics – 20.00 EUR

We perform wheel alignment correction for cars and commercial transport. We use the latest generation 3D wheel alignment correction stand. if necessary, broken parts can be changed.

Servie fee: from 35.00 EUR

We repair tires and perform all assembly works for cars and commercial transport. Only high quality tested materials are used for service works.

Service fee:

Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R10-R16 – 30.00 EUR

Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R17-R18 – 35.00 EUR

Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R19-R20 – 45.00 EUR

SUV: Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R15-R17 –40.00 EUR

SUV: Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R18-R20 – 45.00 EUR

Truck (bus) 2.8-3.5 ton.: Tire mounting/dismantling/balancing R17-R18 –from 40.00-45.00 EUR

Tire repair – from 10.00 EUR

Fast fault diagnostic using newest technology

  • Car electronics
  • Battery charging system
  • Ignition systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Battery maintenance

We perform diagnostics of electrical systems and control units for all cars.

Guarantee on all works.

Computer diagnostics for all cars.

Fault reading and deletion. Electrical system repair.

Guarantee on all works.

Service fee: from 20.00 EUR

Petrol engine diagnostics and repair.

Inspection and repair of following systems:

– Ignition system

– Petrol supply system

– Intake/exhaust system

– Exhaust inspection

Diesel engine diagnostics

Diesel pressure system inspection and repair

Change of broken diesel engine parts

Bosch nozzle inspection and change

Preheating and exhaust/intake system inspection and repair

Dynamic injection timing adjustment

Exhaust inspection

Turbo compressor and its control check.

EGR system inspection.

We perform engine overhaul.

We perform brake system inspection on stand. If necessary, change of brake pads, shoes, discs. Brake support repair. Brake tube manufacturing and change.

Preparation for Technical Inspection

Service fees:

Brake inspection on stand – 10.00 EUR

Brake pad change – from 30.00 EUR

Shoe change – from 30.00 EUR

Brake support change – from 40.00 EUR

We perform welding works for all cars and commercial transport.

Service fee: from 20.00 EUR